Seth Meyers Breaks Down How ‘Puppet’ Trump Is Indebted To Billionaire Donors

PresidentDonald Trumprepeatedly boasted during the 2016 election campaign about how his vast wealth meant he wasn’t beholden to wealthy donors. But on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Late Night,” hostSeth Meyersbroke down why that wasn’t really the case.

Meyers analyzed the relationship between Trump, his former chief strategistSteve Bannon, and conservative billionaireRobert Mercerand his daughter Rebekah Mercer. He then explained how Bannon used “the help and money of wealthy donors like Robert and Rebekah Mercer to try to push Trump’s agenda by supporting fringe-right congressional and Senate candidates across the country.”

“We are declaring war on the Republican establishment that does not back the agenda that Donald Trump ran on,” Bannon said in a recent Fox News interview.

Check out the full segment above to learn more about the people providing the funds for the anti-GOP war chest.

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