People have more sex in July than any other month, finds new survey

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New research has revealed the most popular time of year for sexual activity. (Getty Images)
New research has revealed the most popular time of year for sexual activity. (Getty Images)

The temperatures are soon set to hot up – and so are sex lives, according to new research.

A survey has found that July is the month of the year when people enjoy their most bedroom activity.

Indeed, people got sweaty in the bedroom an average of four times a week.

But the findings from the online adult store LoveHoney have proven that many are partial to a summer of fun – with August the next most frisky month, followed by June.

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They discovered the sexiest months after asking 2,000 participants the times of year when they engage in most intercourse.

Almost a quarter – or 22% – of couples said that they found July the sexiest month.

They revealed the main reason for this was due to feeling more relaxed at this time, thanks to summer holidays.

Indeed, two-thirds said they enjoy more sexual activity while away from home.

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However, the months which see least intercourse, according to the survey, are November and January – likely to be due to their colder temperatures.

The cold-weather exceptions are December and February, possibly due to Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Speaking to, a Lovehoney spokesperson said that sexual activity tends to peak in the summer months "because we tend to feel happier and more optimistic when the weather is good and the nights are long.

"That should certainly be true this year as we celebrate coming out of lockdown and enjoy the return of our freedoms."

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It comes after another study found that women aged 45 to 54 are “happiest” with their sex lives.

The sexual wellness app Lover surveyed 1,500 coupled-up women, and found this was the age group most likely to say there was “no room for improvement”.

Women aged 18 to 24 were the second happiest group, followed by those aged 25 to 34, 35 to 44 and 55 to 64.

Dr Britney Blair, co-founder of the Lover app, explained that those in the fifty-plus age bracket generally felt more confident asking sexual partners for how they wanted to be pleasured.

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