Sexy secret lives of cabin crew

Sarah Carty

Flight attendants are known for always looking prim and proper when you get on the plane, but they can certainly let loose when they’re on layovers.

The glamorous job, which sees the crew fly all over the world, definitely comes with its perks and judging by these photos from Instagram, some in the profession like to make the most of their mini holidays.

Airhostess turned TV host Victoria Tsuranova, pictured above, isn’t the only crew member enjoying the high life as Emirates hostie and Brazilian national Mirelle Diniz, also regularly shows off her insane life on Instagram.

Liekwise Valentina, who goes by the Instagram name The Girl On The Jumpseat, is an Emirates flight attendant with over 42K followers.

Meanwhile flight attendant Max Magito, is often seen posting wanderlust photos to her social pages.

When she’s not lounging by the pool in Bali, she's taking in the sights in Koh Phi Phi and spending Christmas in the tropics.

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