Shannen Doherty's horse has died

Shannen Doherty's "heart is shattered" following the death of her horse.

The 'BH90210' star has taken to social media to reveal that her horse named Picasso has passed away suddenly, after he suffered a "ruptured intestine" on Tuesday (13.08.19) that left him with irreparable damage.

She wrote on Instagram: "Picasso. I guess you're not supposed to have favorites but he was in fact my favorite. I fell in love with him out at a barn where my other horses were. He was for sale but serious professional riders were looking at him to be their Grand Prix horse. When they were done testing him, I would give him a bath, walk him, feed him carrots and apples and talk to him. We were bonded. I was told to not buy him. He was too strong, hard to handle, needed a male rider etc. I bought him anyway cause I didn't like how the people who were looking to buy him treated him.

"He became mine and I became his. He was gentle with me. Took me over jumps perfectly. I trusted him completely and he trusted me. I was in love. That love has never wavered. I turned him out to pasture many years ago. I wanted him to be a horse. To run free. To hang out with other horses. To just be a horse. I saw him often. Our love was still intact. Today, he suffered a ruptured intestine. No surgery possible. No way to save him. He died 20 minutes before I could even get to him. My heart is shattered. #picasso August 12-2019. (sic)"

Shannen, 48, is a known animal lover, and has several horses. Picasso's death comes two years after she also lost another of her horses, a black and white pony named Sammy.

Announcing Sammy's passing, she wrote on Instagram at the time: "RIP my sweet Sammy boy. You were such a gentleman. Such a love. My heart hurts. I miss you instantly. @themamarosa thank you for being with him. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Shannen has been struggling with her own health, as in 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, before going into remission two years later.