Sharon Osbourne: Sex is bone of contention with Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne says sex with Ozzy Osbourne is a "bone of contention" in their house.

The 65-year-old television personality - who split from Ozzy briefly in 2016 after he had an affair with

celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh - admits she's not as motivated to get intimate as he is.

Speaking on The Talk, she said: "This is a bone of contention in our house. Because he's got a problem. He's just like a rabbit. I am like, birthdays, Christmas. At this point in my life, it's special occasions."

Meanwhile, Ozzy - who recently renewed his wedding vows to Sharon - attributes his actions to his sex addiction and admits the problem is far worse than his other addictions because of the consequences.

He said: "I was scared to death. My first wife divorced me because of my playing around. It's by far the worst addiction that I have. When I was drinking or doing drugs, I was affecting myself physically but with the sex addiction, it affects everybody. It made me realise what a complete idiot I was. I sat down and thought, 'What the hell have I done?' I can't imagine life without Sharon. She's my soulmate. I love her. I can honestly say that I've never loved any other woman besides Sharon. I've got a crazy-assed way of showing it but she's the love of my life."

And Ozzy had previously admitted he was scared of ending the affair in case it became public knowledge.

He shared: "She was a hairdresser who was coming round to the house. I honestly don't know how it started but then it picked up momentum and I thought, 'If I stop, she's going to go to the press.' By giving in to temptation, you put your head in the lion's mouth but then it closes and no matter which way you go, you've done wrong."