Shawn Mendes Says 'Every Song I Ever Wrote' Is About Camila Cabello in Documentary In Wonder

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Shawn Mendes fans can finally take a sneak peek at his upcoming In Wonder documentary which is heading to Netflix next month.

The official trailer for the doc — which debuts on Nov. 23 — dropped Tuesday. The movie follows Mendes' journey to self-discovery throughout his ever-changing music career. The pop star, 22, gives fans an inside look at his private life, both at home and while touring internationally.

But above all, fans will be happy to see Mendes make his love for girlfriend Camila Cabello even more clear.

"My song comes on the radio or something and I'm like, 'Everything's about you. They're all ... They have always been about you,'" he recalls telling the 23-year-old "Havana" singer.

"She goes, 'What do you mean?'" to which he remembers responding, "They're all about you. Like every song I've ever wrote."

Netflix Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

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In Wonder also features footage of Mendes that was captured on his rise to superstardom. Cabello also appears throughout the film.

The official trailer opens with Mendes reading what used to be his daily affirmations: "I sing with no tension. My voice is strong and healthy."

The star no longer reads them, but tells fans: "I went through a big phase where I used to write this over and over again."

Netflix Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

"You first get on the stage and ego comes rushing in," he details. "It goes, 'Don't mess up.' Then about 30 seconds in you go, 'Oh yeah, I'm just a guy and I love music. Time to surrender.'"

While some viewers might be expecting the flick to show Mendes solely as an artist, the singer wants fans to see a different side of him.

"This isn't a story about a famous musician, this is about a guy growing up," says the star. Mendes dropped the title track from his forthcoming Wonder album earlier this month along with the accompanying music video. The album is set to be released on Dec. 4.

Netflix Shawn Mendes

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"You know what the truth is?" Mendes says in the documentary. "You walk up on the stage and you look around, and it feels like a dream."

Though Cabello is seen supporting her beau throughout In Wonder, the two have been physically separated for several months while she's filming Cinderella in the U.K.

Before then, the lovebirds spent the first months of the coronavirus pandemic social distancing together.

In April, they performed Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" at One World: Together at Home. The "Señorita" singers have been dating since July 2019.

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