Sheridan Smith wants to give son a traditional name

Sheridan Smith wants to give her unborn son a "traditional" name.

The 38-year-old actress is currently seven months pregnant with her first child, a baby boy, with her fiancé Jamie Horn, and has said the couple are starting to think of potential monikers for their little boy, with most of their options being "pretty traditional" so far.

And Sheridan would love to name him after her late father Colin, but doesn't know if the name will suit her bundle of joy.

She said: "We've been discussing names. I think all the names we've got so far have been pretty traditional. We thought about naming him after my dad, but my dad's called Colin, which is a bit ... Well, as much as we miss him and love him, it's like, 'Storm, River ... Colin?!' But you never know."

So far, the 'Cleaning Up' star - who is due to give birth in May - has had an "easy ride" with her pregnancy, and says that even at seven months she isn't suffering from any cravings.

She added: "I'm feeling really good. I haven't had any pregnancy cravings yet. I've had quite an easy ride. I had a bit of morning sickness in the beginning, but I've been quite lucky."

And her life has been made easier thanks to her attentive fiancé Jamie, who has been "looking after" Sheridan whilst she's pregnant.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she gushed: "Honestly, Jamie has been looking after me so well - he's the best. He does everything while I'm just sat at home with the dogs and baking a baby. I've got an easy life!"

Sheridan met the 28-year-old insurance broker on dating app Tinder in 2018, and the pair got engaged just three months later.

The 'Cilla' star announced she was expecting a baby whilst performing to an audience on a cruise ship in October.

She said at the time: "I've got a baby on board. I've got buckets in each wing and trainers so I can run. I'm very out of breath. I've got all these new symptoms - so sorry!"