Sheryl Crow: 'Moving out of Los Angeles saved my life!'

Sheryl Crow "saved her own life" by moving out of Los Angeles.
The 61-year-old country music star relocated from the Californian city to Tennesee more than 20 years ago and bought a farm in the southern state and struggles to understand how up-and-coming stars navigate life in LA these days.
She told People: "I know how hard it is for especially young people — and I don't know if anybody was pained by struggles like I did when I was young — but these are some tricky waters to navigate now. I'll just tell you that, for me, getting out in nature really saved my life. So, I moved to Nashville and I bought a farm."
Sheryl was even able to come up with the lyrics for her 2017 track 'Cross Creek Road' because she had put herself in nature.
She added: "I sat in the trees and just asked God to give me some answers — and I wound up writing this song."
The 'If It Makes You Happy' hitmaker - who was born in Kennett, Missouri - previously explained that she could "completely relate" to the people of Nashville, Tenneseee and that buying the farm had allowed her to "relax" in a way sme of the more glamorous areas had not allowed her to do so.
She told Rolling Stone: "I completely relate to Nashville because I have a lot of friends there who are also in the music business… But not only that, I just relate to the people. I relate to the friendliness and down-homeness. I feel a relaxation that comes over my body that I usually don’t feel when I’m in New York or L.A. I didn't feel like I had roots anywhere."