The shocking moment woman is swept off feet by huge wave while posing for photos

The moment a young woman posing on a cliff was left bleeding after she was knocked down by a huge wave has been captured on camera.

The incident took place on the small island of Nusa Lembongan just south of Bali in central Indonesia and the footage was shared on social media.

In the video, the woman is seen posing for photos with her arms outstretched as huge waves crash into the cliffs with force.

Meanwhile, all around her are hundreds of tourists doing the same.

A woman posing for photos in Bali has been hit by a huge wave. Source: AsiaWire/ Australscope

However, the young woman is standing in the wrong spot as one particularly forceful wave slams against the cliff face and sweeps her away.

Although the footage makes it appear she though she would have suffered serious injuries, she actually only suffered minor bumps and scratches.

Later in the video, the tourist is seen with cuts and scrapes as a friend pours bottled water over some of her injuries.

The woman was injured when she was knocked over the wave. Source: AsiaWire/ Australscope

The footage shows that she suffered wounds to her left shoulder and arm.

A stranger offers her some sticking plasters at the end of the video.

– Australscope

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