Shocking reason bridesmaid backed out one week before the wedding

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A bridesmaid backed out of her friend’s wedding just nine days before the big day. Photo: Getty Images

As if wedding planning wasn’t stressful enough, this bride was left one bridesmaid down after she abandoned her duties just nine days before the big day.

The bride took to a wedding Facebook group to spill the tea, claiming her friend of six years totally blindsided her with a stream of texts about how she didn’t feel appreciated in the bridal party.

Screenshots from their conversation were posted online, with the bridesmaid saying she was left fuming when the bride paired her with an old enemy to walk up the aisle with.

The text messages

“Hey I don’t think I’ve been treated well throughout this wedding,” the text from the bridesmaid started.

“I just feel like when the wedding day comes, it’s only gonna be me doing the most help and everyone else getting away with doing nothing and me ending our friendship after this for the way I’ve been treated.

“So I don’t think I’m going to be in the wedding and I think it’s fair that I feel like this and honestly I think that if you look back on the things that have happened and then things that have been done to me you’d see why I feel this way.”

The bride replied saying she had no idea where this was all coming from and apologised if she had made her friend feel underappreciated.

The bridesmaid said she felt unappreciated in the bridal party. Photo: Facebook

She went on to say that she has told her bridesmaid time-and-time again how much she appreciated how much she’s done for her and questioned why she was only telling her all this ten days before her wedding.

“I just don’t want to end a six year friendship over something I didn’t even know I was doing. I really wanted you to be a part of my big day, I thought we were friends,” the bride said.

The real reason

However, there was no persuading the bridesmaid to come back into the fold, with the next text from her explaining how hurt she was that the bride had paired her with a groomsman she’d previously fought with to walk up the aisle with.

“Then you paired me with him to walk down the aisle when either of the other two boys are about the same height and I felt kind of bad that you didn’t even think about how awkward that’s probably going to be,” she said.

The bridesmaid also mentioned how little the maid of honour had done in the run-up to the big day and hadn’t even attended the hen party.

The bride was pretty taken aback by how her bridesmaid was acting over text. Photo: Facebook

“I know these things are small but these add up to me (sic),” she said.

The bride explained that the maid of honour is her soon to be sister-in-law and had actually been ill and undergone surgery around the time of the hen party.

“I wish you would have asked me to sit down and talk instead of blindsiding me like this,” the bride said.

The bridesmaid simply replied saying: “No you’re right. You made the right choice and so did I.”

‘So incredibly petty it’s childish’

One person commented on the thread, telling the bride she’s ‘better off without her there’.

“I really don’t understand having these types of conversations via text. She should have talked to you in person. But it just screams passive aggressive I need to be the centre of attention b*****.”

Another person told the bride to tell her bridesmaid she can be the flower girl since she ‘seems to have the maturity of a seven year old.

“This is so incredibly petty is childish 10 days before your wedding! You are better off without her!”

Oh the joys of planning a wedding.

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