Shop assistant's amazing gesture for bullied girl

Sarah Carty

A mother has penned an emotional-charged post on Facebook about a trip to Sephora with her daughter.

The duo went shopping in Devonshire Mall, in Ontario, after the mother learned her daughter was being ridiculed in school over her appearance.

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The girl was being mocked for everything from her hair colour to her skin colour, her eyebrows and even her voice.

A mum took to Facebook to share an experience she and her daughter had in Sephora. Photo: Facebook

So on her daughter’s request, the girl asked her mum if she could visit their local cosmetics shop to pick up some “ light make-up”.

“I was against this at first, but if there was a possibility of it boosting her confidence, I decided it would be alright,” the mom wrote on Facebook group ‘Spotted in Windsor’.

The mother and daughter had been in the shop for a while having a look around when a “petite blonde girl” approached them.

“She fit almost all of the criteria (from the outside) as the type of girls who pick on my daughter,” the mum wrote.

However instead of the nasty mean girl they were expecting, the girl, who was called Shayna turned out to be exactly what the daughter was looking for.

“We were helped with products of course, but more than anything her kindness towards my daughter was what stunned me,” the mum wrote.

The woman's daughter was being bullied in school and they went into Sephora to get some "light make-up". Photo: Getty

"I feel as though she somehow caught onto my daughters struggles with self-esteem during our conversation, and she went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.”

Shayna pointed out all the areas of her appearance the girls in school had been mocking her about and complimented them.

“SERIOUSLY girl, are you psychic??? She took the time to truly relate to my daughter,” the mum said.

“They talked about what had been going on at school, self-confidence, what truly makes a person beautiful, and how makeup is just something to enhance your natural beauty.”

The mum said Shayna managed to get the point across to her daughter than beauty is more than skin deep, something she had been trying to tell her for weeks.

“She was so genuine, kind-hearted and thoughtful. They even joked around a bit, and I saw my daughter light up and act silly for the first time in MONTHS,” she said.

“It's crazy how a 20-minute interaction can make such an impact.

So, Shayna, I hope you see this, and from me and my daughter (who is no longer begging me to let her wax her eyebrows), a sincere and heartfelt thank you for your beautiful spirit.”

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