Woman horrified over mum's 'rude' checkout move after kind offer

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A shopper has been left conflicted after offering to pay for a mum’s groceries at the checkout in a supermarket, only for the woman to turn around and pull a bizarre move on her.

The shopper explained the situation in a since deleted Reddit post, saying she was at the shop on her lunch break with her co-workers when she spotted a woman in front of her, with her baby in tow.

Checkout at a supermarket
A shopper agreed to pay for a mum's groceries but took back her offer after the woman's bizarre move. Photo: Getty Images

“[The mum] came up short on her bill. I was happy to cover the extra because we’ve all been through tough times,” the shopper said.

“She was super appreciative and I was happy to do it.”

However, that’s where the happy story ends, as instead of taking the kind gesture and being grateful, the woman turned around and asked: “Oh, actually, can I just get one more thing? I hadn’t because I didn’t know if I could cover what’s in my cart”.


The shopper said that was no problem because “most of her cart was staple items like oatmeal and baby food, so I figured she was getting some eggs or something.”

“She came back with a fairly expensive bottle of wine and a prime rib,” the shopper relayed.

“I declined to pay for that and said if she wanted a basic staple I was happy to pay for that.”

The shopper went on to say that the mum got upset “saying I had bait and switched her. But the line had to keep moving so she checked out without those other items and that was that.”

To make matters worse, the shopper’s co-workers turned on her after the incident, not agreeing with how she rescinded her offer to pay for the woman’s groceries.

Person tapping and go
The mum decided to add steak and wine to her grocery haul. Photo: Getty Images

“They thought I was wrong to make the offer and not follow through because it wasn’t my place to judge what she was getting, once I’d offered it, I’d offered it,” the shopper wrote.

“Now I’m conflicted. Did I do the wrong thing by telling her what she could and couldn’t buy?”

There was a near unanimous response to the thread online, with people telling the shopper she wasn’t in the wrong and the woman was trying to take advantage of the kind offer.

“She was obviously trying to abuse your generosity. Those are expensive items, if it was like a package of cookies or something I could understand but that is ridiculous. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth,” one person said.

“It is amazing how fast she saw an opportunity to take advantage of your kindness and then tried to guilt you into paying for her greed,” another wrote.

“That woman was taking advantage.... how rude of her to use others’ money to buy wine,” a commented said.

“It seemed like she only wanted that stuff because you were paying. Good for you for actually standing up for yourself.”

Others couldn’t get over her co-workers’ reaction, with one person saying: “Your coworkers are idiots. Did any of them offer to chip in on the wine and prime rib!?”

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