'The Late Show' has stopped production as Stephen Colbert is “experiencing symptoms” of COVID-19

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'The Late Show' has stopped production as Stephen Colbert is “experiencing symptoms” of COVID-19.
‘The CBS talk show responded to the potential “recurrence” of the virus by announcing they were not filming any more new episodes “until further notice” to stop it spreading to the rest of the production.
The show how’s official Twitter account posted on Monday (09.05.22): “Stephen is experiencing symptoms consistent with a recurrence of COVID. Out of an abundance of caution for his staff, guests, and audience, he will be isolating for a few additional days. The Late Show will not be taping new episodes until further notice.”
In a quote tweet on the micro-blogging site, the 57-year-old comedian quipped that the decision was the “worst sequel ever”.
Comic Sarah Silverman and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal were expected to sit in the interview chair on Monday evening with Sharon Van Etten treating the audience to a musical performance. The rest of the week had a guest line-up that included former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, actor Tracy Letts, actor Hugh Dancy, CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Ken Jeong and musical acts Beach House and Regina Spektor.
This comes after the television personality tested positive for the virus late last month, which cancelled over a week of shows.
When he reappeared on screens, Stephen told the audience that coming back to work to hear the applause from the audience was “all the audience you need” while telling the crowd he was “back” and “feeling fine”.
Despite this, he revealed that his cheery nature was hiding that “the first three days sucked” after he tested positive.
Stephen said: “The first three days sucked, but by day six, I was testing negative. Now on day 12, I’m back with a serious head cold. So, go figure.”
He took his ordeal to urge viewers to get vaccinated against the virus as he labelled the condition “not a pleasant experience”.
Stephen also joked that due to his wife Evie having COVID too they partook in “forced nesting”.
He also offered his sympathy to his fellow late night host Jimmy Kimmel - who also recently tested positive - while swearing he wasn’t the one who gave the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' host the germs.
Stephen said: “Of course, I’m on the East Coast, Jimmy’s in L.A., there’s no way I could have given it to him. And yes, last week, I did lick a lot of things and FedEx them to his office. But I only paid for two-day [shipping]; gotta be sterile by the time he opens it.”

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