Simon Cowell 'lucky to survive' surgery after horror crash

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Simon Cowell was "lucky to survive" surgery after his horror E-bike crash.
The 62-year-old broke his back after falling off his E-bike and was left bed-bound for a month after the 2020 incident, and was almost glad for lockdown because it gave him time to properly "heal".
He told OK! magazine: "If there was one good thing about lockdown, it was that it gave me the time to heal because I wasn't working on a TV show.
"I was able to walk a lot and strengthen my legs. I know I was lucky to survive my back surgery.
"I have a lot of people to thank for my recovery."
The 'Britain's Got Talent' boss - who was hurt again earlier this year when he broke his arm in another crash - admitted he deliberately "kept a lot back" when it came to discussing his first accident.
It turns out things were "a lot worse" than people realised.
He explained: "I didn't talk about it too mumch at the time. I kept a lot back. It was a lot worse than people thought. I had a lot of long-term nerve damage as well.
"Just when I thought the bones had healed, I went with Eric to a funfair and tried to kick a football and it was agony. Then, a year later, I fell off my bike - and that set me back again.
"It's been a long haul but I'm almost healed and I'm being very careful about what I do. But at least now I can actually play football with Eric."
And Simon has been having to wear a wirst brace after his second accident.
He added: "My surgeon told me I have to wear it to protect myself from people knocking into me. So, it's almost healed but I'm just being extra careful. I have another three weeks before the brace comes off."

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