Simon Cowell's book release delayed

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Simon Cowell has been forced to delay the release of his children's book series.
The 62-year-old music mogul and his son Eric, seven, have been writing a number of tomes together but a combination of Simon's hectic schedule and the COVID-19 pandemic, have put the books on hold.
A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Simon created the 'Wishfits' brand and the books with his son Eric and it was a real passion project for them. They loved working on them together.
"He signed a deal with (publisher) Hachette last year and it was supposed to release the first three books by the end of this year, with four more in the pipeline.
"Simon’s busy schedule and the delays caused by coronavirus have made it impossible, though.
"“The pandemic started to get really serious just before Simon announced the books and it has slowed everything down and made it a nightmare to get done.
"The 'Wishfits' series is still very much in the works and it should be on shelves in 2022.
“It isn’t ideal but there is nothing anyone could do."
In February 2020, Simon first announced he and Eric had been working on 'Wishfits'.
He wrote at the time: "Hello everyone.
"I wanted to share something exciting my son Eric and I have been working on. I would like to introduce to you #WISHFITS. To begin with, we have announced a seven book deal with @hachettekids today.
"WISHFIT is a world where the most unusual animals exist. The WISHFITS are magical, unusual and have evolved in a weird and wonderful way, combining two different species to form hybrid animals with very distinct characteristics!
"To be able to write a series of books with my son Eric has been magical. (sic)"
The pair are also hoping to turn the books into a TV series, with Simon previously explaining: "We came up with an idea for a children’s book series called 'Wishfits', which are about all of these animals you combine.
"So you can have half a dog and half a snail which is called a Snog.
"So we are now writing children’s books which we hope to make into a TV series."

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