Simon Pegg: Rehab saved my life

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Simon Pegg thinks rehab saved his life.
The 52-year-old actor became an alcoholic after writing about his difficult childhood in his 2009 memoir, 'Nerd Do Well', and Simon now thinks that his time at The Priory Hospital actually saved him from death.
The movie star - who became dependent on the "sensation of being numb", rather than the "chemical addiction" to alcohol - admitted: "[I] just didn't know how to escape it."
Simon was drinking alcohol at breakfast at the peak of his addiction struggles, and he now admits that his past behaviour makes him feel sick.
Asked if he drank in the mornings, the actor said: "Sometimes. In the worst times … I look back now and it makes me feel sick."
Simon eventually entered rehab in a bid to regain some control over his own life.
Asked whether he would be dead today if he hadn't entered rehab, he told The Times newspaper: "100 percent, because, and I don't think it's too dramatic to say, that is the ultimate end of that line of flight."
Simon admits writing his memoir reopened his childhood struggles, including his parents' divorce.
The 'Hot Fuzz' star - who has also battled depression since the age of 18 - shared: "My relationship with both [stepfather and stepmother] was really difficult. They were young and immature. They had their own issues. And I was the walking, talking remnant of another relationship.
"For a child it is extremely disturbing to be rejected by an adult. Adults are the authority on everything. When there's suddenly an adult in a position of parental power who doesn't like you, it's like, what the f***?"

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