Simu Liu recalls being 'desperate for admiration'

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Simu Liu was "desperate for the admiration of others" during his younger years.
The 33-year-old actor feels as though he's matured over recent years, and looking back, he's now not a huge fan of the man he used to be.
Asked whether he likes who he once was, Simu replied: "It’s very hard ... I don’t think I do.
"I was constantly aware of how I was being perceived. In my younger years, I was desperate for the admiration of others.
"Sometimes I would try to say or do things to capture people’s attention, but people would just roll their eyes. It would never work.
"It’s like being cool in high school. You either have it or you don’t and I most definitely did not. None of the pieces were falling where they should and I hated it. I was a sad kid."
Simu was born in China but moved to Canada as a child. And the Hollywood star admits he faced intense pressure from his parent to make the most of his opportunities.
He told The Independent: "I am not the only person who’s experienced this. Ask any child of any immigrant family if they’ve had a heated argument with their parents that sometimes got physical."
Despite this, Simu can understand the attitude of his parents and insists they're not "villains".
He said: "That’s the immigrant mentality. That’s the panic that runs through all of our parents’ veins. So when you have a child that is threatening to undo all that you’ve worked hard for, you’d be pretty mad. I’m not trying to make excuses for their actions, but I am trying to contextualise them. My parents aren’t villains."

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