Sinitta got hooked on shopping during lockdown

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Sinitta became addicted to online shopping in lockdown – and was hooked on buying new mops to clean her house.
The 'So Macho' singer became obsessed with buying gadgets and goods from websites whilst she was stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and her home was filling up with items which she had no use for.
The most unusual purchase she made was a subscription to a mop manufacturer.
Clean freak Sinitta – who used to date Simon Cowell – was getting a new mop every few weeks, and although her floors have never sparkled more she didn’t know what to do with the array of cleaning utensils, so she started giving them away to her neighbours.
Sinitta said: “My happiness was receiving anything that I bought online, it could be a mop, it could be a mop head. I accidentally subscribed! I was getting a mop all the time. I was like, 'What's going on with these mops?' And I would get so excited that I'd got all these mops. I became really altruistic and I was giving them out to people in the building. People would be like, 'Oh that's very kind, thanks very much Sinitta.' I was just getting the heads because you can just replace them on the sticks, so I was just giving people mop heads and I had about 10 as well."
Sinitta - who released a new festive song 'I Won’t Be Lonely This Christmas' in December - is bringing out a studio LP in 2022 titled 'Rediscovered 80s', which contains the song 'Slave' which deals with her shopping addiction and how it began to control her.
Speaking to BBC Radio 2, she said: "I realised that we have become slaves to so many things. I became a slave of online shopping during lockdown."

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