Sir Billy Connolly hints at an acting comeback

Sir Billy Connolly is open to making an acting comeback.

The 77-year-old star recently announced he was quitting stand-up comedy due to the impact of his Parkinson's disease - but he's now revealed he would still consider making a TV or film comeback.

Asked whether he would consider returning to acting, Billy told The Scotsman newspaper: "I'd maybe act again if a nice thing came up. I don't have anything in mind, but I'd definitely mull it over if I was asked. I like doing it.

"I had a brilliant time making 'What We Did On Our Holiday' up at Gairloch, apart from the midges. F***ing hell. They were the worst I've ever experienced them."

Billy revealed he was recently approached for a role, but the project now seems to have fallen through.

He shared: "I went to a thing at Downing Street for a Parkinson's charity. I met a writer there who wanted me to play a guy with Parkinson's in a film. I said 'sure, I'll do that.'

"But I think the whole project has fallen through now."

The veteran star - who is married to writer Pamela Stephenson - also admitted to being amazed by the reaction to his retirement from stand-up.

He said: "I think people think that retiral is an explosive decide, whereas it meant nothing to me. The reaction has been was amazing. Maybe it's been because nobody ever retired before.

"I feel as if I'm as busy as ever, but it's weird because I've been managed all my adult life. People tell me where to go and which plane to get on and I just go.

"My wife keeps things secret from me. She keeps doing deals for TV series and things like that. She keeps me active."