Sir Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have joined the bid to buy Chelsea FC

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Sir Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have joined Sir Martin Broughton and his attempt to purchase Chelsea FC.
Their multi-million pound support to the former Liverpool FC and British Airways chairman comes despite the Formula 1 champion being a fan of Arsenal FC, one of the blues biggest rivals.
However, according to Sky News, the pair - two of the world’s highest paid sports stars - have reportedly offered £10 million each to the attempt to buy the Premier League club from the sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich after the 37-year-old race car driver and the 40-year-old 23-time Grand Slam champion have garnered a reputation for being shrewd investors.
Serena’s venture capital firm Serena Ventures has recently shared they were investing in Opensponsorship while Lewis has supported tech business, such as Zapp, a grocery delivery app but their engagement in the Chelsea bid has been deemed as a surprise move. However, they both have been in discussions for weeks with the group led by Martin, a consortium of British bidders that include Lord Sebastian Coe viewed as the most likely to be successful to take over the West London team.
An insider revealed to the outlet that Serena and Lewis’ involvement was a great asset due to their hands-on experience in professional sports brand environments. In addition, they highlighted other Premier League clubs being partly-owned by superstar athletes, such as LeBron James owning a stake in Liverpool FC.
Currently, the team - who took home the trophy at last year’s Champion League trophy - have thrown the footballing world into disarray after the ownership was thrown in question following President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which has displaced millions of people and included multiple suspected war crimes.

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