Sir Mark Rylance: Love is stronger than death

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Sir Mark Rylance thinks "love is stronger than death".
The 61-year-old actor's stepdaughter, Nataasha van Kampen, died at the age of 28 from a brain haemorrhage while on a flight between New York and London, and Mark admits that she feels "both very far away and very, very near".
Mark - who married his wife, Claire van Kampen, in 1989 - explained: "Though there’s not a day we wouldn’t wish her here, growing in the physical world, she feels both very far away and very, very near.
"For me, love is stronger than death. And you know, we are very sad sometimes. But we’re also very happy sometimes, and we feel her come with us as much when we’re happy, if not more, than when we’re sad."
In recent years, Mark has starred in a host of big-budget movies, including 'Dunkirk', 'Ready Player One' and 'The Trial of the Chicago 7'.
However, he remains passionate about theatre work and admits that he prefers to perform on the stage rather than in front of a camera.
He told the Guardian newspaper: "Theatre is so flexible and it’s so different from being an actor in a film. It’s a thousand times more enjoyable."
Despite his own fame and success, Mark doesn't pay any attention to social media and admits he's not "a great lover of technology".
The award-winning actor also explained that he wants to live his life "in the present".
He shared: "I steer well clear of social media - I don’t go further than emails and I’d like to get off emails. But this Zoom is very helpful and emails are helpful.
"More and more I just really want to be here, in the present in this world and appreciate its beauty. I’m not a great lover of technology myself."

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