Sir Ringo Starr backs Boris Johnson to find another job

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Sir Ringo Starr is "sure" that Boris Johnson will find another job.
The Beatles drummer believes that the British Prime Minister will move on after stepping down as the leader of the Conservative Party and wished Boris the best for life after Downing Street - although he refused to discuss the political crisis in the UK.
Speaking at an event in Los Angeles to mark his 82nd birthday, Ringo said: "I'm not saying anything about Boris Johnson.
"God bless him and I'm sure he'll get another job."
The musician explained that he was more concerned about gun violence and hatred "in any country" across the world.
Giving his trademark peace sign, Ringo explained: "We're here to (spread peace and love)... and I can only do this.
"I can't force anyone to go 'peace and love' but it's catching on."
Ringo did wade into politics last year when he criticised world leaders for not doing enough on environmental issues.
The star - who has been committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle for decades - said: The expression ‘change the world’, we are changing it for the kids. Half the world is on fire, half of it is under water.
“They are still, ‘Well, we won’t do that’. I think we have to do a lot. So, I would like to change the world for the kids.
“I do wonder about politicians, do they have kids? Do their kids have kids? Isn’t that reason enough to let us breathe and let us find water. You've got me on my high horse now."

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