Sissy Spacek admits luck has played a part in her success

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Sissy Spacek thinks luck has played a big part in her success.
The 72-year-old actress has won numerous accolades during her career, including an Academy Award and three Golden Globes - but Sissy believes she's also been the beneficiary of some good luck.
She shared: "I … I know really great artists. And so much of my success has been because I’ve been at the right place at the right time."
Sissy has starred in a host of successful movies during her career, including Terrence Malick's crime film 'Badland' and the Oliver Stone-directed 'JFK'.
But she believes that there are many other actresses who are more talented than she is.
Sissy told The Independent: "I met Terry Malick, and then went from that to … you know, I kind of represented the young everywoman of the 70s, and then one thing led to another. There are people who are far more talented than me … so many great artists out there who don’t ever get the break."
Sissy - who is married to production designer Jack Fisk - pointed to the example of filmmaker David Lynch, a close family friend.
She explained: "He was a painter and a filmmaker, and when he was working on 'Eraserhead' we’d go over to his house and he’d have made these sculptures out of piles of dirt, just with a twig in it. He’d do it all for the right reasons - because it was in him and it had to come out. God, did it ever pay off.
"He’s just a great, funny, talented guy and my husband’s best friend. So I get to rub elbows with him."

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