Sister Wives: Christine and Kody's Son Paedon Says Polygamy Doesn't Work for His Family 'Anymore'

Sister Wives: Christine and Kody's Son Paedon Says Polygamy Doesn't Work for His Family 'Anymore'

In Sunday's episode of 'Sister Wives', the former couple's only son said everyone had "chosen a side" as the TLC stars' polygamous family gradually deteriorated

Christine and Kody Brown's son Paedon Brown has shared some hard truths about his family.

The bitter divide in the Brown family couldn't have been more apparent than in Sunday's episode of Sister Wives, which saw Christine and Janelle Brown spending Thanksgiving separate from Kody, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown. The divergent plans even led Meri, 54, to question whether she should "feel guilty" for "enjoying" herself alongside her and Christine's children, especially given that Kody remained estranged from his and Janelle's adult sons.

"This represents a really big break in our family tradition," she said in a confessional interview. "I mean, I had all these mixed thoughts going on, but I really was happy to be here. It was a really great day. We were having a lot of fun. It was perfect, really.

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And while Christine also appeared to enjoy herself, she also saw still the family's separate holidays for what it represented in the grander scheme of the family's escalating problems.

"Our family has been hurting for a long time. We've done our best to be as OK as possible, but there's still hurt feelings from 12 years ago," Christine, 51, said in a confessional. "Everything has been accumulating and accumulating for years. It's at a breaking point. Sorry, it's just at a breaking point."



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As Kody also addressed the matter for the cameras, the 54-year-old suggested that the "big shakeup" was "caused by the fallout of going public" by sharing a glimpse inside their family life on their hit TLC series. "That decision was made by our family before we met Robyn," he said.

The topic of family divide is something the Brown family children have been thinking about as well. At Christine and Janelle's Thanksgiving gathering, Christine and Paedon, 25, had a separate discussion about the ongoing tension, which saw her only son sarcastically talking about the other side of the family. Christine noted that Paedon's sarcasm stemmed from "anger."

"My mom's kids and Janelle's kids have chosen a side," Paedon said in a confessional. "To the best of my knowledge, all of us chose my mom."



Paedon then reflected on the recent drama that sparked from Janelle's son Logan Brown's sibling gift exchange idea. Upon the parents being informed of the plan, Robyn, 44, stepped in to suggest it be done over video chat, which Janelle noted is "hard" to do with everyone's differing schedules.

Though Robyn was "pushing for the video chat for the sake of the kids," she got "all this pushback" in response and removed herself from the equation. Christine said things got "blown out of proportion" from there with suggestions that the rest of the family wanted nothing to do with Robyn's kids, and the argument brought up underlying issues about Robyn's initial entry into the family.

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Robyn's older children eventually no longer "felt comfortable" doing the gift exchange.

"Everyone was trying to deflect, but it just kept spiraling, and it was done," Janelle explained. "With some of the things that were said and expressed, I don't know if we ever come back from it."



Through tears, Robyn called the situation "another example of them not wanting to be a family with us." She then claimed it's "been like this from the beginning."

"When we first went public, the purpose of going public was to say, 'Polygamy works,'" Paedon then told the cameras. "I don't think it works in my family anymore."

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As footage of Christine's conversation with Paedon continued, she also shared in a confessional: "I'm trying to, like, make it so that he can have a relationship with his dad, but his dad has picked sides."

She admitted, "In front of Padeon, I'm gonna say, 'I think we can work all this all out. I think everything is going to be fine.' Is it going to be? No."

Christine summed up, "Once again, I feel like our family is just dividing. I think we are looking at a permanent separation."

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Robyn is Kody's last remaining wife after his marriages with Christine, Janelle and Meri, 52, ended in the span of 14 months. The fallout has been tough on the entire family as they remain divided across the board.

"None of our children have chosen to live polygamy. We don't even have any really that are in the Mormon church, the mainstream LDS church," Janelle recently told PEOPLE in a joint interview with Christine. "When they were growing up, we always just encouraged them to have a relationship with God, and I think many of them do in their own way. ... I think polygamy is hard, and I think you really do have to have a religious conviction, and they just don't."

Christine added, "Some of our kids have seen how hard it is, and some of our kids have seen the separation. They see how hard it is and they're like, 'No, no, no, no, no. No, that's not for me.'"

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