Sister Wives' Janelle Faces Hard Truths After Kicking Out Kody: 'I'm 50 and I Have Nothing'

Sunday's 'Sister Wives' was largely dedicated to showcasing Kody and Janelle's latest blowout fight, which led to even more turmoil



Janelle Brown's fallout with husband Kody Brown led to some major realizations about what's at stake.

Sunday's episode of Sister Wives showcased a massive argument between Janelle and Kody that centered on the demise of their marriage and Kody's estrangement from their sons. The two 54-year-olds hurled a series of allegations at each other, accusing the other of "gaslighting" and "throwing" them "under the bus."

"You're always flipping it back on me," said Janelle as Kody responded, "That's because it belongs on you, Janelle. ... You didn't support my stand when it came to actually doing the COVID stuff."

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The COVID-19 pandemic led to massive rifts the Brown family due to everyone's differing opinions on how to stay safe. Kody had his own strict set of rules, but Janelle and third wife Christine Brown didn't abide by his additional guidelines.

Janelle's adult kids especially frustrated Kody for their desire to not remain home in favor of non-familial pursuits. The disagreement, along with Kody's overall neglect of his children outside of fourth wife Robyn Brown, ultimately caused their estrangement.

"Kody, I was protecting my children," Janelle argued. "And you have said, 'Choose your loyalties or you're not gonna have a husband.' So I'm supposed to choose between you and our children? That's what you basically said."

Kody added, "All you have to do is support what I'm doing."



Tensions continued to escalate between the two, with the argument soon becoming a yelling match. Kody accused his second wife of being a liar while Janelle called out his behavior that she viewed as manipulative. Janelle also said she felt Kody was "pushing me out the door."

Kody then questioned whether the pair were "ever a team" and if she "ever had my back," suggesting that she co-parents more with Christine than she does with him. He then called it "bulls---" when claiming Janelle, like other polygamous wives, was using the "excuse" of the father not always being around as a reason to place blame on responsibility.

As Kody readied to exit Janelle's home, he said there was "no interest in understanding each other here" and noted how there is "only a bitterness that has no place." The reality star also said he doesn't "expect" Janelle to "back me up" or "co-parent the kids" with him.

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After eventually shutting the door, Janelle said "f--- you" and told the show's camera crew to "shut it off." However, she detailed the aftermath of the argument — and the repercussions that come from it.

"We were throwing accusations at each other about what's going on and it was shocking. Like, it was shocking. I was really upset when he left because, like, there's a finality to it and now I'm worried about what happens to me," she admitted. "Moving forward, do I live here? Do I build? It feels like Kody and I are no longer going to be a couple. It really does. It was that dramatic. There had been so much build-up and then, not so much the words. Yes, the words were very harsh, but just the feeling was like, We're done."

Janelle then took a stand: "I called him and I said, 'Come get your stuff.' So in my mind, he is out of the house. ... I don't really want to see him."

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But kicking out Kody brought major complications for Janelle. "So after I kind of got over the shock after Kody left, I thought, 'Oh my heck. Like, I have nothing financially,'" she stressed.

"I am tied up in this property, everything as far as my estate goes," she said, referencing the family's Coyote Pass property in Flagstaff, Arizona. "Any kind of savings, money, anything is tied up in this property. I am a smart woman and I have done this very dumb thing."

Janelle added, "I trusted in this family structure, but now I'm really stuck. And I'm like, 'Oh my hell. I'm 50, and I have nothing.'"

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