“Sister Wives”' Janelle Says New Apartment Has Been a 'Sanctuary' Away From Kody

During Sunday's 'Sister Wives' episode, Kody Brown visited ex-wife Janelle Brown's new pad, and it went "better than" she expected

<p>TLC</p> Janelle and Kody during a November 2023 episode of


Janelle and Kody during a November 2023 episode of 'Sister Wives'

Janelle Brown had a guest at her new apartment on Sunday's episode of Sister Wives.

During the episode, Janelle and her daughter Savanah, 18, got a visit from Janelle's ex-husband Kody Brown, 54. It marked Kody's first time visiting the home, which Janelle, 54, explained to the cameras has felt like a "little sanctuary" away from her former partner.

"Okay, I guess in a way this has been a nice space because he's not ever been into this space. So it feels like it's kind of my space," she said.

"I sort of liked having it as my little sanctuary."

In a separate confessional, Kody — who is currently in a monogamous marriage with his fourth wife Robyn following years of polygamy after Janelle, Meri and Christine left him — revealed that it was "just dawning" on him that "maybe the whole reason Janelle moved here was because the other apartment was our place."

"You know, I was living there with her, and she's moved here and doesn't look like I'll be living here with her," he said, before later adding, "It's her apartment. It's not ours. But there's no room for me. It's not about me and her. I honestly don't know why she's showing me other than, well, I mean, our daughter lives there."

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<p>TLC</p> Kody, Janelle and Savanah have a conversation in Janelle's new apartment on 'Sister Wives'


Kody, Janelle and Savanah have a conversation in Janelle's new apartment on 'Sister Wives'

The trio's meet-up at the new place went "better than" Janelle expected, she later added of Kody's visit. While Kody's appearance was filled with small talk, Janelle considered it something of a win. The meeting follows the airing of a September episode of Sister Wives, where the duo got into a blow-out fight.

"This is the first time he's been in my house since we had our fight, so I think there's still echoes of that in my mind," Janelle said.

"But there was no fireworks. There were no cross words. We were all friendly. It went well. It went better than I could have hoped for."

During Sunday's episode, Kody also privately questioned why Janelle would move apartments, claiming that if she told him why, he has has "forgotten, because off the top of my head, I don't remember why she moved."

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While visiting his daughter, and after opening up about why his sons Garrison and Gabe are estranged from him to cameras, Kody shifted the conversation from Janelle's current apartment to what she's planning for the family's Coyote Pass property.

"He's not putting any money up for the house that I'm building. So I don't understand this 'we' thing," Janelle told cameras. "I'm the one doing the financing. I think it's a throwback to when we really did consider all the family stuff belonging to the whole family. But that doesn't really apply anymore."

"I mean this whole situation has been really awkward, and so we've kind of run out of the superficial things to talk about now. So now we're all kind of like, 'Uhh,'" she later added.

<p>TLC</p> Kody looks through wife Janelle's new apartment during a November 2023 episode of 'Sister Wives'


Kody looks through wife Janelle's new apartment during a November 2023 episode of 'Sister Wives'

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Elsewhere in the episode, Kody suggested that he's "not even welcome" at Janelle's apartment, which he saw as the reason the visit was "so awkward."

"I look in this apartment and I'm like, it's really obvious to me I'm never gonna live in it. Like why am I talking about a deep sink? Who cares, because I'll never do dishes in there," he said.

"I have a whole life outside of Savanah and Janelle, but whenever I'm with them, I don't talk about any of my other life," he later added, explaining the small talk. "And because that consumes most of my time and most of my life, I don't have anything to talk about."

Since his fight with Janelle, Kody's relationship with their daughter seems to have improved, as Janelle explained during Sunday's episode that he was "seeing her more frequently."

"My relationship with Savanah is sweet, gentle. I haven't been in touch with Gabriel and Garrison for quite a while," he shared, as previously reported.

"I'm pretty sad that I'm not close [to them] anymore. There was just so many things in our lives that we did that were rich together, you know, just special experiences," Kody added. "I think and hope that in time we'll just get over this and that we'll be safe being back around each other. Right now, there's not really an open door with Gabe and Garrison. They're they're not willing to engage me."

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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