Skier's embarrassing double stack in slalom nightmare

Skiier stacks twice in horror slalom run

South Africa's Connor Wilson will probably be regretting the decision to push on after an initial crash following an embarrassing sequence of events in PyeongChang.

The alpine skier was opening his slalom run at the Winter Olympics when disaster struck early on at the Yongpyong Alpine Centre.

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Wilson came unstuck after a sharp turn went awry, his skis sliding out from under him as his body smacked into the snow well off the intended course.

Commendably, the South African decided to try and soldier on despite the incident but he's probably wishing he didn't.

In what was a painstakingly slow trek across the snow back to the gates where he was supposed to be, Wilson finally managed to hobble back onto the course.

He slowly made his way through a few more gates before encountering more carnage when one of his skis caught an edge and sent him spiralling out of control once more.

This time, the South African suffered the ignominy of face-planting into the snow before sliding down the mountain.

Realising it was pointless to attempt to finish the course for a third time in the same run, Wilson posted a 'did not finish' to save himself from further heartache.