Skin cherishes baby necklace

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Skunk Anansie singer Skin never takes off a necklace that reminds her of her baby daughter.
The 54-year-old musician – whose real name is Deborah Ann Dyer - and her fiancée Rayne Baron welcomed daughter Lev into the world last November and the singer always feels connected to her family even when she's away on tour thanks to the special gift she received from her partner after their little girl was born.
In an interview with Britain’s ELLE magazine about her style, she said: “The one thing I never take off is the necklace that my partner gave me to commemorate the birth of our daughter.
“It was custom-made and engraved with her name in Hebrew and it makes me feel like she’s always with me, especially when I’m away on tour.”
The ‘Weak’ hitmaker admitted being a parent has changed her ideas about “material sentiment”.
She explained: “Having a child changed my perspective on material sentiment.
“Things like jewellery and clothes are not just items, they are memories and romance – like my boots with Glastonbury mud still caked on them.
“Or the pink jumbo cord trousers from when I was 16 – with each hole that appeared in the hems, I’d cut them a tiny bit shorter in order to hold on to them for longer. They all have a unique place in my heart and story.”
Speaking last October, Skin – who confirmed she and Rayne weren’t going to find out the gender of their baby until it was born – admitted she was “excited” about having a child even though she had never wanted to be pregnant herself.
She said: "I never wanted to have a baby myself, in my own body. But I love that someone else is going to do it.
"I’ve raised a child before in my previous relationship. I love kids and I’ve got loads of nieces and nephews.
"Kids love me because I’m silly. I’m excited about dressing up a little baby in ridiculous clothes while we can!"