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Never look at ugly power cords again, thanks to this brilliant $24 Amazon find

It's a pesky downside to the miraculous tech-driven world we live in: The more gadgets we own, the more unsightly cables and wires we have dangling, tangling and winding around our homes. If there only were an easy way to corral that sprawling mess. (Spoiler alert: There is!). Enter the Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Outlet Cover, an inexpensive way to manage the rats' nest that's accumulated around your electronics.

The Sleek Socket is a handy three-outlet power strip that stays out of sight while leading into one inconspicuous cover.

$24 at Amazon

The Sleek Socket Electrical Outlet Cover has a three-foot cable itself that can be easily hidden away behind your electronics, clamped to your baseboard or stowed behind your workstation. The end result is a unified solution that blends into the background. It's perfect for apartment dwellers whose lease prevents them from a more invasive fix.

The Sleek Socket is genius in its simplicity: All you do is plug it into the socket and the eight-foot extension cord can be maneuvered under, around and over any nearby obstacles so you can easily power up your necessities.

It's received more than 46,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from verified buyers. "Stops us from wasting an outlet," began one. "We have an older home, so we don't have as many outlets as what is now required. We now get to use every outlet we have in the living room. And these work perfectly for behind the bookshelves because they're so tall."

Two almost identical pictures of a coffee maker and a set of cups and saucers next to each other. One photo has two plugs going into one outlet, the other photo has a slim white rectangle over the outlet.
Wires? What wires? I don't see any wires! (Photo: Sleek Socket)

"These Sleek Sockets are extremely easy to use," said another. "You just plug them in, direct the cord and hide the plugs. I thought it was really nice that Sleek Socket also created an inverted plug so that I could direct cords upwards (for the TV in my office)."

Use it in bathrooms and kitchens to make them more functional and streamlined. And in bedrooms and living rooms, it keeps furniture flush against walls and no tangled eyesore of cords within view.

At just $24, the Sleek Socket also gives you more space against your walls, since you've no longer got a bunch of plugs bulging out of your outlets. Everything is just flush, flush, flush!

This is perfect to hide cables in smaller spaces all around the house.

$24 at Amazon

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