Sloviansk residents recount deadly Russian shelling

STORY: "We were sitting and counting. We counted how many there were. And then the self-propelled Uragan rockets started coming in, you don't hear them flying, only when they hit the ground," 53-year-old resident Yurii Sherbakov said, his face and leg bandaged from the wounds he suffered.

It was not immediately clear what munitions had been used in the attack on the frontline city in the Donetsk region, or how many people had been at the market when it was hit.

Svetlana Veselyi was in tears as she recounted how her husband was running for cover when he was hit by shrapnel from an explosion. She stayed with him as medics treated his wounds.

Farmer Vasyl Avramenko, who sells his produce at the market, described to a friend how his neighbors were hit. "It landed in the garden, he was injured by a shrapnel in his jaw, she was hit in the hip, her artery was cut, there was a lot of blood. The ambulance took them to the hospital," Avramenko said.

He told Reuters it was bad that there was no resolution when the Russians invaded Ukraine in 2014, and believed they needed to be chased out now to end these attacks.

Russia has denied deliberately attacking civilians since invading Ukraine on Feb. 24, in what Moscow calls a "special operation". Ukraine says Russia has been using inaccurate Soviet-era missiles to hit military and critical infrastructure, killing many civilians in wayward strikes.