New ‘smart’ mask comes with its own app to monitor your breathing

Rob Waugh
·2-min read
The mask comes with its own iOS and Android app (Airpop)
The mask comes with its own iOS and Android app. (Airpop)

Most of us have got very used to wearing a mask in shops (and even while exercising) but a new ‘smart mask’ takes it to the next level.

AirPop’s Active+ smart mask has a built in Halo sensor which monitors the wearer’s breathing and respiratory health, plus local air quality.

The mask blocks up to 99% of ‘ultrafine’ particles or ‘nanoparticles’ - including the droplets which carry coronavirus.

It pairs with an iOS and Android app which allows users to monitor their breathing, and notifies wearers when it’s time to replace the mask’s filter.

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The app’s makers claim: “The app will notify the wearer when it’s time to replace AirPop’s snap-in filters, which block >99% PM0.1, including dust, allergens, particulate matter and microbial particles.

“Each of the four supplied AirPop filters come with a unique QR code that can be scanned, and authenticated, by the AirPop app when it’s installed, ensuring that the proper filters for the mask are being used.”

The mask alerts wearers when filters expire (Airpop)
The mask alerts wearers when filters expire. (Airpop)

The Active+ mask comes with four replaceable medical-grade filters which last for 40 hours each, and costs £149.99.

“Once connected, Halo’s discreet sensor array automatically detects when you start breathing and then syncs your breathing data with the app," the company says.

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“An inhale/exhale LED ring indicates breath rate while its intelligent capture supports real-time or background passive modes.

The mask is designed to be comfortable and breathable even during high intensity workouts, cycling and running.

"The app uses a combination of data collected from the Halo sensor about the wearer’s breathing patterns to give a visual overview of their breathing behavior, cycles, and even the pollutants that the mask has blocked during use.

“The app’s Active Mode also tracks metrics like breaths per minute, breaths per pace, and more, giving the wearer an accurate picture of their breathing activity during heighted aerobic activity.

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