“Smile 2” Trailer: Naomi Scott Is a Pop Star Facing Grinning Stalkers in the Chilling Sequel

The sequel to 2022's 'Smile' is in theaters Oct. 18

The first trailer for Smile 2 is turning horror fans' frowns upside down.

On Tuesday, June 18, the first glimpse of the sequel debuted, showing a new cast facing the demonic grins and gore that were introduced in the 2022 original.

The cast includes Naomi Scott, Lukas Gage, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dylan Gelula and Raúl Castillo, plus returning star Kyle Gallner.

A synopsis teases, "About to embark on a new world tour, global pop sensation Skye Riley (Aladdin's Scott) begins experiencing increasingly terrifying and inexplicable events."

"Overwhelmed by the escalating horrors and the pressures of fame, Skye is forced to face her dark past to regain control of her life before it spirals out of control."

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<p>Paramount Pictures</p> Naomi Scott in "Smile 2"

Paramount Pictures

Naomi Scott in "Smile 2"

Gage said on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show in March that "if you love the first movie, you're gonna love this one," calling the new installment "so terrifying."

"It was the first time I've ever been on a set where I was genuinely afraid, and I actually got sick to my stomach in one take," he teased. "I didn't think I would. I just, it was so gory and so disgusting."

The actor further told The Hollywood Reporter that he "dry-heaved" off-camera during one gory scene.

"I was really shocked how intense it is on the day. You just think, ‘Oh, it’s acting, it’s gonna be fine,’ but that movie is so scary. The whole crew was terrified," said Gage. "That smile itself is just so creepy, and then you throw the most gory scenes on top of it, I just, yeah, I have a weak stomach too. I’m a wimp."

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<p>Paramount Pictures</p>

Paramount Pictures

Gage also said director Parker Finn, who also wrote and directed the first film, "takes it to the next level and we have some really cool cameos happening in this movie."

In 2022, Finn told Den of Geek he wanted to cover different territory in a potential sequel.

“There are a lot of exciting things that could be done with Smile, and ... there are elements of the film that I left purposely unexplored. [But] the last thing I ever want to do is just directly repeat myself or retread ground that I’ve already gone over," he said at the time.

"I want it to feel very unexpected and exciting and fresh in a way that might catch audiences off guard and make sure that the film has a brand-new bag of tricks up its sleeve."

Smile 2 is in theaters Oct. 18.

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