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Snag this No. 1 bestselling Black+Decker portable A/C while it's a cool $240 off

It doubles as a dehumidifier and can make spaces up to 700 square feet 'icy cool in a hot minute,' according to one of 4,700+ fans.

You know the relief you get when you open the fridge and let its cool air wash over you on a sweltering day? There's a better way to enjoy that sensation without making your milk spoil: Amazon's No. 1 bestselling Black+Decker Portable Air Conditioner. This wheeled wonder can quickly take spaces of up to 700 square feet from stuffy to refreshing, and it doesn't involve precariously hoisting a heavy appliance into a window, either. But here's something you might find even more impressive — it happens to be $241 off just in time for the heatwaves currently sweeping the country.

The high temps in your house are on thin ice, thanks to this chilly champ.

$440 at Amazon

Portable air conditioners — good quality ones, at least — don't come cheap, but they are worthwhile investments if your home feels like a sauna come summer. At 35% off, this model, which is currently $440 (from $681), is down to the best price we've seen since last year. (In comparison, this highly rated A/C costs over $500 and only cools up to 450 square feet.)

If your home isn't equipped with central air and you'd rather not deal with a window unit (join the club), a portable air conditioner is the way to go. This appliance boasts 14,000 BTU (British Thermal Units), which is towards the higher end of the spectrum as far as household A/Cs are concerned. An air conditioner's BTU tells you how much heat it can withdraw from a room, so the higher it is, the more efficiently it'll cool things down. In short, this one packs a chilly punch.

But combatting oppressive temps isn't the only thing it can do; it also has a dehumidifier function to make the air less thick and muggy (the worst). There's a remote you can use to control it from the couch or your bed, as well as a 24-hour timer so it won't make like the Energizer Bunny and just keep going and going...

When it comes to installation, a window kit is included — don't worry, you won't have to lift this unit into the window itself, only the attached hose. And should you want to move it from room to room, it conveniently has castors that make rolling it a breeze. There's also a washable filter, meaning you won't have to keep shelling out for replacements.

the portable air conditioner installed near a window in a living room
Window units can be an eyesore, but this powerful, portable air conditioner is actually quite sleek. (Amazon)

Over 4,700 Amazon customers are chillin' at home in comfort, thanks to this model.

"This A/C is absolutely amazing!" exclaimed one (now) relieved shopper. "It has super powers and a 'max mode' my husband dubbed 'menopause mode.' Within powering this baby up, I was shivering within 20 minutes. I would highly recommend this unit if you want the room icy cool in a hot minute."

"I'm 72 and live alone," shared another. "I had it up and running in 10 minutes. ... So far, I'm impressed. I always have a portable A/C unit, as my apartment is sweltering in the summer. It is cooling 400 square feet very well!"

"This product was really great for us," raved a third. "It definitely kept us cool all summer long; we would move it from room to room on occasion, but for the most part kept it stationary, and it kept our 1,200-square-foot apartment cool the entire hot summer! Worth the investment!"

Several reviewers commented on the volume, like this user who wrote, "It does run a little loud, so sleeping with one in the room might be tough for those who aren’t used to noise when sleeping. We already use noise machines and fans, so this wasn’t too much of a difference."

"My only real complaint is the remote control," shared a final fan. "Not in its functionality, but in its design. The LCD screen really needs some sort of illumination. Forget about reading the remote screen in a dimly lit room. ... It's not like I need to read the remote screen repeatedly or even frequently. I can live with it. But if they wanted to improve anything, it would be the illumination of the remote screen."

This deal won't stay frozen in time, so grab it before it melts away.

$440 at Amazon

And when it comes to the quality of the air you're breathing in...

Allergies making you sneezier than one of Snow White's friends? You'll want this HEPA air purifier that's currently over 65% off. Not only can it remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, but it does so quietly (as in, softer than a whisper). It's suitable for spaces of up to 1,076 square feet. 

Check out our roundup of the best air purifiers for more. 

Save $147 with coupon
$73 at Amazon

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