Snakes invade Gold Coast beaches

Caity Stone

Snake experts are warning beach-goers to be vigilant as highly venomous snakes relocate in popular tourist areas of the Gold Coast.

A snake on a Gold Coast beach made nervous crowds gather. Source: 7 News.

The stern warnings were issued in the wake of the fire last week that destroyed a large tract of scrub on sand dunes at the Southport Spit.

With their natural habitat destroyed, Eastern Brown snakes are expected to move into more populated areas as they search for food, shelter and a new home.

A scene that is becoming all to familiar on the Gold Coast. Source: 7 News.

Eastern Brown snakes were the second-most venomous land-based snake on earth.

"They are definitely a snake that has a short fuse and definitely a snake you don't want to get bitten by," Tony Harrison a professional snakes catcher said.

Scenes from the fire on the Gold Coast where the snakes were living. Source: 7 News.

Typically Eastern Brown snakes tend to avoid bushfires by slipping into rat holes at the base of trees.

"If there's no refuge they feel threatened by ... the birds of prey and whatnot ... so they will desperately be looking for new places to go."
"Just be aware that there is going to be plenty around," Mr Harrison said.

With the reptiles heading south towards the populated areas at Main Beach, people are urged to be alert but not alarmed, as snakes are happy to avoid human contact at every opportunity.

Anyone who sees a snake in the area should keep clear and contact the city council or a local snake catcher.

There has been a recent spate of crazy snake videos that has caused a social media firestorm of late.