Solange Knowles' 'great fear'

Solange Knowles has been struggling with a "great, great fear".

The 'Don't Touch My Hair' hitmaker picked up the Lena Horne Prize for Artists Creating Social Impact on Friday (28.02.20) and opened up about how her album 'When I Get Home' marked a "colossal pivot moment".

She said: "This album marked a colossal pivot moment in my life that I'm still in the thick of the lessons today. So suddenly there came a great, great fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of trust, fear of love, fear of silence, fear of having to confront things and pain that I have buried too deep, deep inside. It was easy for me to show up and be the unstoppable woman for everyone else, but terrifying for me to be that woman for myself."

And the 33-year-old singer praised her mom Tina Knowles for helping her to be "a little less afraid" during the difficult times.

She added: "My mother made me feel a little less afraid during those days and brought home to me. She came over every day for a few weeks to cook me okra and brown rice and cornbread with her little book of prayers. My beautiful hometown and neighbourhood of Third Ward Houston held me ... My dear friends, all of which are here tonight. They lifted me so high with so much love and so much hope. Checking on me daily, coming over to my house just to lay and laugh with me."

Solange also confessed she is "inspired" most by love.

In her acceptance speech, she said: "This award means the absolute most to me because the love that I feel in this room feels just like the love of the people that I just named who held me. It is an extension of and feels like my mother and my sister's and my friends' love, the love that inspires me the most. I will hold this close and deep to my heart forever and ever. Gratitude doesn't even seem like a large enough word."