Soulja Boy's investment soars amid coronavirus outbreak

Soulja Boy has seen his investment in a soap company soar amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The 29-year-old rap star and his manager Miami Mike recently invested in a Mississippi franchise of The Soap Shop, and the store's profits have tripled lately due to the health crisis, TMZ reports.

The store sells a range of products, including hand soap and dish detergent, and their sales have spiked as the public strives to stay free of the virus.

In fact, the store has gone from selling 100 bottles of cleaning products a month to well-over 3,000 bottles, meaning Soulja Boy's investment has proven to be a smart one.

The rapper recently explained why he decided to invest in the company.

Appearing on 'The Breakfast Club' earlier this week, he shared: "It's just different businesses ... once you get into the music industry, you know, branch out, do different stuff like try different things. Try different business ventures. Everybody needs soap."

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy previously accused fellow rapper Kanye West of "disrespecting" black culture.

The hip-hop star also revealed he wouldn't consider working with Kanye until he "tightens up" his act and distances himself from US President Donald Trump.

He said: "What is wrong with you, Kanye? I don't want to make no music with you right now until you tighten up. You're disrespecting our culture. You're wearing a Trump hat. You know what you're doing."

Soulja Boy also claimed he is responsible for Kanye being "stuck up".

He explained: "I'm the reason why Kanye is stuck up and he acts cocky. Because when I was a 16-year-old kid and I had the number one song in the world with 'Crank That', I didn't know who Kanye was.

"My manager tried to introduce me to him and I slammed the van door in his face saying, 'Get out of my face.' And ever since then he's just been so arrogant."