Spanish TV star flashes whole boob in epic wardrobe malfunction

Carly Williams

Could this be the wardrobe malfunction to end all wardrobe malfunctions?

Spanish TV presenter Adriana Abenia shocked photographers (and herself) when she let her left boob hang out on the red carpet at the recent GQ Man of the Year Awards in Madrid.

Her stunning black Juana Martin frock had a plunging neckline and see-through skirt but we're not sure Adriana wanted to show this much flesh.

Spanish TV presenter Adriana had a 'Tara Reid' moment at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in Madrid last week. Photo: Getty

Not since Tara Reid's iconic breast-baring moment at P.Diddy's 2004 birthday party have we seen such an epic #freethenipple moment on a red carpet.

Much like Tara's infamous fashion blunder, Adriana didn't quite notice her boob had bounced to freedom and continued to pose before noticing she was flashing a bit more than intended.

Adriana did not seem to notice her breast was exposed while she posed for photographers on the red carpet. Photo: Getty
Ooops! it happens to the best of us, Adriana. Photo: Getty

When she finally realised she was exposing herself, the mortified TV star shrieked in shock and tried her best to laugh off the fashion fail.

A few hours later the 33-year-old addressed the gaffe on Twitter.

Adriana was left mortified by the wardrobe malfunction. Photo: Getty
The TV presenter was left so embarrassed, she couldn't face photographers, instead, showing off her butt in her sheer Juana Martin dress. Photo: Getty

She wrote: "I had prepared another photo, but since this is going to accompany me throughout life, here you have it!"

Thanks for the mammaries, Adriana.

Eeeek! Adriana made a bit of a boob out of herself on the red carpet. Photo: Getty

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