Spencer Matthews shares secrets of sex life with Vogue Williams

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Spencer Matthews has shared the secrets of his saucy sex life with Vogue Williams.
The 33-year-old reality TV star admitted he and his wife have done "all sorts of weird s*** together", including having sex in public places.
In the latest episode of their podcast 'Spencer Vogue', Spencer answered a question from a fan which asked: "'What's the strangest activity you've ever done together?"
He said: "We obviously can't talk about that on the pod," but Vogue, 36, replied: "I don't think we've done anything that strange."
However, Spencer disagreed, saying: "We've done all kinds of weird s***. What are you talking about?"
And after asking "like what?", Vogue was left embarrassed when Spencer said: "We have sex in public places."
She said: "No we don't. Would you stop, no we don't. Where?"
Spencer said: "In the sauna" and Vogue replied: "That's not a public place,' to which Spencer said: "Well it kind of is, anyone can walk in."
Vogue then tried to move on, saying: "Anyway, we're not getting into that."
Meanwhile, Vogue recently revealed she has been placed on a sex-ban by her doctor.
She said: "I have to put my proper training on the back burner. I went to the doctor the other day - I'm on a sex ban - while I go to the Maldives - I'm lying there with a probe in me.
"And the doctor says, "You can't have sex for two weeks until you get back, so I can keep an eye on it.'
"And Spencer's face, he was like, 'Excuse me, what, Dr Vasso?' We were looking at my cervix and every time I laughed, which was constant because he kept going on about it, it was becoming more of a problem.
"My cervix is a little bit open so I have to be careful. I'm allowed to go swimming, I'm not allowed to go for fast walks or do high impact stuff."

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