Spencer Matthews wants 'exotic' baby name

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews want to give their daughter a "cool, exotic" name.

The couple - who already have 18-month-old son Theodore together - are expecting a baby girl this summer and though they want to give the tot a moniker that is "fresh and different", they won't opt for anything "stupid" or too outlandish.

Spencer said: "There's an amazing opportunity to have fun with girls' names in particular and to be creative - a little bit wild even.

"Because so many cool, exotic names lend themselves to being very usable.

"There won't be any degree of stupidity to the name though.

"I think you can be fresh, and new, and different, but it has got a bit silly in a few cases. So we'll try and rein it in."

Vogue added to Britain's HELLO! magazine: "But nothing absolutely crazy. There's not another Vogue on the way - definitely not."

Vogue and Spencer think their son will be a great big brother.

Vogue said: "He's fascinated by newborns and he's so gentle and I don't think he'll be overly jealous."

Meanwhile, the family are planning to spend three months a year in Vogue's native Ireland as she's in the process of buying a house in her hometown of Howth.

She said: "I've found a house I love. It's really bright and there is a bedroom for each of the kids and for people to come and stay with us.

"It's got a view of the sea and it's in an area I love.

"It's really important to pass on my Irish roots to my children because they are half Irish and we Irish people are super patriotic.

"I just want to make sure they know everything about Ireland."