Stacey Solomon's son wants Joe Swash to be his 'other dad'

Stacey Solomon's son asked her boyfriend Joe Swash if he considers him "another son".

The 30-year-old singer has three sons - Zachary, 11, with Dean Cox, Leighton, seven, with Aaron Barham, and eight-month-old tot Rex with boyfriend Joe - and has revealed that whilst Rex is her only child with Joe, her other children still consider the TV star to be a father figure.

Speaking about a conversation one of her sons had with Joe recently, she said: "He said: 'I know why he was so excited to go to the café this morning. He sat me down and said, 'Joe, it's nice having sort of two dads isn't it? Am I another son to you?'' and Joe was like: 'Yeah, I love you all the same!'

"He was obviously asking if we love all of our children the same because those questions come up in his head, and it was so nice."

And upon hearing the sweet conversation, Stacey was left in tears.

She added: "I lost it. I was in the back of the cab, like [pretends to cry]."

The former 'X Factor' star was quick to add that Joe - who is also father to 12-year-old son Harry from his relationship with Emma Sophocleous - isn't replacing her sons' biological fathers, but said the conversation has helped ease some of the tension of being a "blended family".

She explained during an appearance on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (30.01.20): "He's got an amazing dad, but it's always difficult having a blended family and hoping everyone around you loves you the same.

"It's more about is being a family. We push we've got a blended family - mummy, Joe daddy, everyone - but it's so worth it.

"It's not easy having the different dynamics in a family, so when you do get that moment you think, 'Thank God, we've got it right.'"