Stacey Solomon can't remember sons as babies

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Stacey Solomon "doesn't remember" what her older sons were like as babies.
The 30-year-old presenter "thinks" her youngest child, 10-month-old Rex - is similar to how Zachary, 12, and seven-year-old Leighton - who she has from previous relationships - were when they were babies but she's not sure if her older kids were quite as "smiley" as her and Joe Swash's tot is now.
Asked if Rex is different to how the other boys were, she told OK! magazine: "It sounds bad, but I don't remember. Seven years was a long time ago!
"All my babies have been smiley, but I don't know if they were as smiley as Rex - he's so smiley.
"People say, 'Why don't you ever show us videos of him crying?' And I'm like, 'Why would I do that - that's so mean!' But he genuinely doesn't cry much.
"I think they've all been pretty similar.
"We're so lucky - Rex is such a nice baby. He cracks me up. I look at him sometimes and think, 'You're so funny, Rex!' I'll tell him a joke and he's laughing. I'm like, 'You get me.' "
The 'Loose Women' star is "really proud" of all her kids and feels a huge responsibility to help raise them to become good men.
She said: "I'm really proud of them, they're good people.
"The best and hardest thing about being a mum is the responsibility of shaping somebody's future. It's a huge responsibility and I've spent my entire motherhood worrying if I'm doing the right thing or not."
Although Stacey doesn't feel a pressure to be a "perfect" parent, she knows people look up to her and feels a responsibility with her social media posts.
She said: "There's pressure to be a responsible influencer. There's pressure on what I write or say, such as, 'Am I sterilising my bottles?' Or, 'Does my baby sleep with a blanket?' As someone who people look up to, it's hard not to acknowledge that those things exist.
"For example, Rex doesn't sleep in my bed or with any blankets and I show a clear cot.
"I do that because I want people to know that is the way it is for us. I wouldn't want to have a cot full of bumpers and blankets and somebody copy me and something happen.
"There's a fine line between the pressure of being a good mum and the pressure of being someone who influences other people. But I don't feel pressure to be the perfect mum."