Stacey Solomon watches films during sex

Stacey Solomon watches films whilst she's having sex.

The 'Loose Women' panellist admitted to her co-star Janet Street-Porter, 71, on the talk show that she didn't see anything wrong with having a television on in the bedroom, even when she's getting intimate with her boyfriend Joe Swash - who she has just moved in with.

Janet scoffed: "Well you must not have a sex life then."

To which Stacey retorted with a smile: "My sex life is wonderful thank you. And I get to watch my favourite films at the same time."

The 29-year-old TV personality has previously revealed that she is a "lazy" lover - something Stacey discovered after watching several sex scenes in TV dramas.

The star was a viewer of BBC dramas 'Bodyguard' and 'Wanderlust', both of which feature graphic lovemaking scenes, and from seeing the fictional romps on display Stacey has realised that she isn't doing much work in the bedroom with Joe.

She said: "If TV is anything to go by I am super-lazy, honestly! There are certain things where they make me feel like I've done a workout just watching it."

Stacey also gave a tantalising glimpse into her bedroom antics with Joe, 36, admitting that when he does want to get more adventurous between the sheets the positions often leave her "sweating".

She added: "There are some things that you do and you think, 'I don't think I can retain this position.' My thighs are burning and I'm sweating."

However, it seems things are more active in between the sheets than they used to be between the pair as in February 2018 Stacey compared their lovemaking to being like "a tumbleweed".

Describing their lovemaking, she said: "It'd be like a tumbleweed ... What makes me laugh is that 'can we survive a marriage without sex?' Why is there so much pressure on a marriage to be all that sexual?"