UK's Starmer makes international debut at NATO summit by offering strong support for Ukraine

British Prime Minister Keir Starmer, who was elected last week, is making his international debut during NATO's 75th anniversary summit in Washington. The new PM pledged strong support for Ukraine and emphasised his country's "special relationship" with the US.

Newly elected British Prime Minister Keir Starmer made his maiden appearance on the international stage Wednesday with a strong signal of support for Ukraine and a pat on the back from President Joe Biden as they met on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Washington .

After a full day of meetings — interrupted briefly to watch part of the soccer match in which England triumphed over the Netherlands — Starmer met Biden at the White House, where the leaders extolled the U.S.-British special relationship.

Biden said he sees the U.K. as the “knot tying the transatlantic alliance together.” He praised Starmer for “seeking closer ties with Europe,” saying it would be good for the entire NATO alliance.

“The special relationship is so important,” replied Starmer, who was elected July 4 in a landslide over the Conservative Party, which had been in power since 2010 .

But Starmer also found time to watch a portion of European Championship semifinal. England will face Germany in the finals on Sunday.


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