Steel Yourself! HuffPost’s Listen To America Tour Stops In Pittsburgh

Jenna Amatulli

Pittsburgh ― a major hub for everything from sports to music to art to steel ― is anything but boring. 

The western Pennsylvanian city has brought us the likes of Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon and feminist playwright Gertrude Stein. The National Negro Opera Company, which was the first all-African-American opera company in the United States, was founded there. For a dose of culture, you can go to the city’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, or the modern Andy Warhol Museum. And there’s always the chance to hear the crack of a bat at PNC Park baseball stadium.

HuffPost’s Listen To America bus pulled into Pittsburgh last week, where we talked to residents about daily life, steelwork and much, much more. Here’s what our time in the city looked like:

Bobby Jansen drives the HuffPost tour bus into Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

Alex Kaufman moderates a United Steel Workers (USW) roundtable with union members Randy Denman Jr., Matt Powell, Ryan Fairley, Sabrina Liu, DeWitt Walton, Martha Rial, Jason McCune and Dan Miller.

A wooden cabinet with a sign reading United Steel Workers sits in a boardroom where the roundtable took place.

Kaufman asks questions at the roundtable.

Walton responds to other union members.

Powell listens as Walton talks.

Rial speaks at the roundtable.

The sun sets behind the Saint Paul Cathedral.

"Listen To America" tents are set up in Schenley Plaza.

Sara Longo and Iliah Nourbakhsh play a game of jumbo Jenga while others watch.

Longo loses a game of jumbo Jenga.

Sarah Grossman slates a video interview with Julia Driscoll, Meera Sakthiuel and Jasmine Pabla.

Driscoll, Sakthiuel and Pabla sit for a video interview at Schenley Plaza.

Julia Erickson of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre shows off her dance moves.

Trace Ledgard and Kristen Gugerli sign up to be interviewed.

A game of cornhole sits at the HuffPost activation site.

 Andrew Kitahara and Kuai-Kuai Jin play a game of cornhole.

Jessica McCann of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre shows off her dance moves.

Pedestrians check out the HuffPost tables at activation site.

Kaufman works during HuffPost's visit to Pittsburgh.

Marina Fang takes a photo of the Cathedral of Learning building.

Adam Schultz edits video at the end of HuffPost's visit to Pittsburgh.

The HuffPost tour bus drives away from Pittsburgh on Saturday via the Roberto Clemente Bridge.




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