Stella Creasy sends message to culprits who attacked her Walthamstow office and circulated 'malicious' leaflets

A Labour candidate has said she will not be intimidated after her office was attacked and "malicious and false leaflets" were circulated.

Stella Creasy posted pictures of the Saturday night attack on her office in Walthamstow, northeast London, where she is fighting to keep the seat she has held since 2010.

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A window and glass door had several holes in them and there were cracks across the glass.

She also said "malicious and false" leaflets have been handed out.

Ms Creasy wrote on social media: "Message to whoever attacked my office last night.

"You don't intimidate me and you don't belong in the political process.

"Same as those circulating malicious and false leaflets.

"Police already on this to find you - will press for the strongest penalties for such an anti-democratic attack and I know Walthamstow won't be cowed or influenced by your violence either."

A Labour spokesman told Sky News: "We completely condemn any intimidation tactics towards candidates of any party.

"It is vital to our democracy that parliamentary candidates are able to campaign freely."

Ms Creasy was a frontbencher under Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman when they were Labour leader and acting leader, respectively.

The 47-year-old has been a vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn and said the party under his leadership was "running on empty".

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Ms Creasy received numerous rape threats and other misogynistic messages on her Twitter timeline in 2013 after supporting feminist campaigner Caroline Criado Perez, who lobbied the Bank of England to put a woman on the £10 note.

Last year, Ms Creasy revealed she had been investigated by her local council after a man using an alias complained her "extreme views" would damage her children and they should be removed from her.

The complaint was dismissed and the man, who had no personal connection to Ms Creasy or her children, apologised.

The other candidates standing in Walthamstow are:

Imran Arshad, Workers Party of Britain

Mohammed Ashfaq, Independent

Dan Edelstyn, Independent

Sanjana Madan Mohan Karnani, Conservative Party

Martin Lonergan, Reform UK

Ruth Theresa Rawlins, Independent

Rosalinda Ayo Rowlands, Green Party

Nancy Taaffe, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

Rebecca Taylor, Liberal Democrats