Stephen Colbert Spots A Very Revealing Shift In Trump's Latest Rally Rant

Stephen Colbert said Donald Trump seems to be adjusting on the fly to the idea that he might have to run against someone other than President Joe Biden.

Speaking at a rally this week, Trump didn’t just attack Biden, who is facing growing calls to step down amid sagging polls and questions about his cognitive health.

He also workshopped a strange new insult aimed at Vice President Kamala Harris, who is widely considered the top choice to replace Biden should he quit the race.

Trump called her “Laffin’ Kamala” and then spelled out “Laffin’,” complete with the apostrophe.

“Does he think he’s at a nickname spelling bee?” Colbert asked, and tried the approach himself against a different Trump rival.

Check it out in his Wednesday night “Late Show” monologue: