Sterling K. Brown is still 'making peace' with being a celebrity

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Sterling K. Brown is still "making peace" with being a celebrity.
The 46-year-old actor - who played a number of small roles on television and film before shooting to fame as a main role on acclaimed series 'This Is Us' - has teamed up with Stand Up To Cancer and Mastercard to help fund research for the disease and claimed that while he is still getting used to fame, he is able to "amplify" issues because of his celebrity status.
He said: "For me, it's interesting because I would say [being a] celebrity in and of itself is something that I'm still, sort of, making peace with. But the one thing that you can do with it is amplifying things that you think are of value in the world. I think that's what I get a chance to do. If my name being a part of something means that people will pay particular attention to it, and if I can just say, 'By using your card to pick up a meal or to bring some food into your home, that gets donated to research for Stand Up 2 Cancer," that's how I use it.'
The 'Black Panther' star - who lost his uncle to cancer back in 2004 - has partnered with the credit card giant in a campaign that will allow users to make donations to the research fund when making a payment at certain restaurants and explained that while fame is often seen as a "four letter word", he aims to take the focus away from himself and use his platform for something "worthy".
He told PEOPLE: "Most of the time, [fame] feels like a four-letter word, celebrity or whatnot, and people think that we grandstand and it's about us. But any time you can take that focus on you and turn it on to something else that you think is of worth and worthy, that's how I try to use the platform that I have at my disposal "

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