Stocks poised to open flat, Trump to unveil his plan lower drug costs

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Jared Blikre, and Rick Newman discuss the big stories of the day. Sam Sisakhti, a retail entrepreneur and founder of Believe in Yourself, also talks about why giving girls brand-new prom dresses leaves an impact that goes farther than prom night. 

Today’s Topic

  • Trump to announce ways to lower prescription drug costs
  • White House official mocked John McCain: RPT
  • Homeland Security Chief almost resigned: NYT
  • Snapchat redesigning its much criticized redesign
  • Amazon no longer buying Google shopping ads
  • Amazon wants to bring Alexa to the health care space
  • Digital assistants can hear hidden commands: NYTimes
  • Trump admin sanctions Iran-linked currency exchange
  • 7 dead in Australia’s worst mass shooting in decades
  • Trump set to talk fuel economy with automakers
  • AT&T specified Cohen would advise on Time Warner merger: WaPo
  • Barclays CEO to pay $870K for whistleblower probe
  • JPM zeros in on electronic trading: CNBC
  • Apple, Google, others opt out of sharing overseas cash figure: Bloomberg
  • Entrepreneur helping get free prom dresses to low-income girls