Stocks poised to open higher, Trump flip-flops on Syria attack

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous,  Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer Jared Blikre, and Julia La Roche discuss the big stories of the day. Greg Valliere, Chief Global Strategist at Horizon Investments, joins the show to talk about Paul Ryan’s announcement. Kevin Murphy, CEO of Acreage Holdings, and Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld also join the show to talk about the politics of pot.

Today’s Topics

  • Trump’s changing Syria stance
  • Paul Ryan’s complicated legacy
  • The politics of pot
  • Sec. of State nominee Mike Pompeo to face grilling from the Senate
  • Bill protecting special counsel heading to committee vote
  • Rite Aid misses on Q4 EPS and revenue
  • UK says Disney must bid for all of Sky
  • Tesla Model Y production to start in 2019: Reuters
  • Tesla: Driver was to blame in fatal CA crash
  • Apple Music tops 48 million subscribers
  • John Boehner signs on with marijuana firm