Stormy Daniels fears death threats

Stormy Daniels has a gun and two armed bodyguards because she lives in fear for her life.

The 39-year-old porn star admitted she occasionally feels "normal" but she's also very concerned about security because she regularly receives "crazy hate mail and death threats" over her claims she had an affair with President Donald Trump in 2006.

Asked if she feels her life is in danger, she said: "My answer is going to change daily, some days I can slip out and go about my day and almost feel normal then I look round and there's two big bodyguards. Other days I get crazy hate mail and death threats, plus I already had my own set of fanatical fans to deal with.

"Yes [the bodyguards are] armed. Yes I have a gun at home."

Asked if she's scared, she added in a pre-recorded interview on UK TV show 'Loose Women': "Some days I am and some I'm not, it also depends a lot on where I'm at."

And Stormy admitted one of the reasons she's spoken out about the alleged affair is in a bid to feel safer.

Questioned as to if that was why she'd spoken out, she said: "Oh for sure, hiding in plain sight."

But she also hopes being upfront will make her seven-year-old daughter proud of her and she wants to inspire other women.

She said: "My biggest fear is my daughter's life is going to be changed forever in a negative way, which was also why I wanted to come forward and speak up, I wanted her to be proud.

"The story was out there, I had no control over it, I felt like owning it and standing up saying I wasn't ashamed, I won't be bullied, inspiring other women to tell their stories in their own lives."

The blonde beauty was asked directly if she stood by her claims of sleeping with the president but insisted she was unable to give a full answer because of ongoing legal issues.

She said: "I can't really comment because of the litigation but everyone knows what the story is and I passed a lie detector test."